Professional athletes and members of the entertainment industry are routinely asked to sign endorsement deals and other binding agreements. A well-created contract is critical to secure their personal image and their financial security.

At my legal practice, Jose A. Gonzalez, Attorney at Law, I work with athletes and members of the entertainment industry to prepare and negotiate employment contracts in South San Francisco and throughout California. I fight hard to obtain fair compensation while ensuring the terms and conditions within the contract do not limit your professional future.

When the other party of a contract breaches the agreement, you can feel confident that I will fight to protect your rights in court. I offer personalized counsel to help you understand your rights to aggressively pursue a just outcome on your behalf for my clients throughout California.

Accurate Contracts Are Critical

Due to the high-profile nature of their careers, members of the sports and entertainment industries receive offers for sponsorship or endorsement deals. When these contracts are not crafted well, significant issues can occur that threaten you financially and legally.

These may include:

  • One party being able to cancel the deal early
  • Incorrect payment provisions that fails to adequately compensate you
  • It is a one-sided agreement that takes advantage of you

It is important to analyze the terms and conditions and confidentiality of any contract carefully. When you partner with me, I work with you one-on-one. I closely review every detail of your contract to ensure you are receiving fair payment while protecting your image and likeness.

Strong Legal Advocacy In Your Corner

You don't have to go through a serious contractual issue alone. I am a lawyer offering the fierce advocacy athletes, actors and other entertainment professionals need to fight back against unfair contracts. Schedule your free consultation today by calling 800-548-6194. I also accept inquiries via email.

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