What are morality clauses?

If you work in the sports or entertainment industries, signing documents typically comes with the territory, whether you are signing autographs or contracts. And knowing what you are putting your name on will become increasingly important as you become more successful.

One item that many people in these areas often sign is a contract with a morals clause. For instance, if you are signing an endorsement or sponsorship agreement, it could very well have this clause somewhere within in the contract. It may not be exceptionally long or even all that specific, so it is important to watch for them and understand what you would be agreeing to if you signed.

The business of being an athlete

Elite and professional athletes are among the most revered figures in our culture. And it’s not just the talent and skill they bring to their sport; it’s also their passion.

That said, being a top athlete is about more than fans and playing a game. It’s a career most athletes have worked their entire lives to secure. And as a profession, it comes with some business-related demands and opportunities.

What is the gender wage gap?

Perhaps you have heard the term “gender wage gap” or “gender pay gap” and wondered what it is and if it could apply to you. Simply put, the gender wage gap is the gap between what men earn and women earn for similar work. You may find it hard to believe that women are still paid less than men for similar jobs in 2018, but it’s true.

The gender pay gap last year was about 80 percent, across the board. That means women made 80 cents for every dollar a man made in the U.S. Factors that affect the gender wage gap include:

Gender gaps and discrimination in the entertainment industry

The entertainment industry continues to experience problems when it comes to gender equity. And there appears to be a perception gap between men and women in how widespread these problems are. This is what a recent survey suggests.

The survey was done by CNBC and LinkedIn. It was an online survey in which over 1,000 individuals in the entertainment industry were polled. These entertainment professionals were asked about discrimination and gender gaps in the industry. There were some significant differences between the responses of the men and women surveyed.

What to avoid when applying for a job

When you are applying for a position, it can be important to understand what types of conduct could endanger your chances of getting the job and steer clear of such conduct.

One thing that can be very damaging to efforts to get hired for a given position is lying during the application process. While any type of lie can cause problems, there are certain ones that could be particularly likely to scuttle an applicant’s chances.

What if work limits your time to vote on Election Day?

It seems like you can’t turn on the TV or open the newspaper these days without seeing news about the upcoming election. The midterm election is just a month away, and experts are predicting high voter turnout. The polls will be open on November 6 from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

If you’re worried about having sufficient time to cast your ballot before or after work, it’s worth understanding the California laws that serve to make your participation in the election a bit easier.


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