Who is making a real effort to pay women as much as men?

Nationwide, women might typically agree that they should earn the same amount of money as their male coworkers. This is especially true while performing the same work. But despite the efforts to close the gender pay gap, many women still experience discrimination in their workplace.

Your job might be difficult, but is it hostile?

When you wake up and get ready to go to work in the morning, you may look forward to seeing your coworkers. Since you spend most of your waking hours with your colleagues, it is only natural to develop friendships, inside jokes and a support system for life’s challenging events.

How much money can you make for losing your job?

With fluctuation in the economy, corporate restructuring and the inclusion of technology, many Americans lose a job at some point during their career. And while that may seem devastating initially, your severance package could help hold you over financially while you look for another job.


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