Are lawmakers helping or hindering your gig?

You might already have a demanding schedule, around which you would like to make some extra money. Or perhaps you need flexibility to finish your degree or raise your children. No matter your reason for participating in the gig economy, you might find it to be your best personal choice for earning an income to support your family.

How much money can you make for losing your job?

With fluctuation in the economy, corporate restructuring and the inclusion of technology, many Americans lose a job at some point during their career. And while that may seem devastating initially, your severance package could help hold you over financially while you look for another job.

Was my termination wrongful?

Getting fired from a job can be incredibly upsetting. Losing a job can mean loss of critical income and benefits; it can also create a disruption in a person's employment history. And feeling like the termination was wrongful or illegal can make the situation that much more troubling. 

Athletes are workers, too

When people think about employees and contractors, they often imagine people working in retail, driving an Uber or sitting in an office. However, being a professional athlete is also an occupation. And while it may seem like the dream job for many people, it can prove to be a nightmare for athletes facing legal challenges to protect and establish their rights.


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