Gender gaps and discrimination in the entertainment industry

The entertainment industry continues to experience problems when it comes to gender equity. And there appears to be a perception gap between men and women in how widespread these problems are. This is what a recent survey suggests.

The survey was done by CNBC and LinkedIn. It was an online survey in which over 1,000 individuals in the entertainment industry were polled. These entertainment professionals were asked about discrimination and gender gaps in the industry. There were some significant differences between the responses of the men and women surveyed.

Of the women surveyed:

  • 35 percent reported having witnessed workplace gender discrimination
  • 79 percent said women face obstacles to advancement in entertainment
  • 36 percent said there are equal promotion rates between men and women at their workplace
  • 26 percent said that there is equal pay between women and men at the same job level at their place of work

Meanwhile, of the men surveyed:

  • 23 percent said they have witnessed gender discrimination at their place of work
  • 56 percent said that there were advancement obstacles for women in the industry
  • 57 percent said that, at their place of work, promotion rates are equal between men and women
  • 52 percent reported equal pay between genders at their workplace

This perception gap could be pointing to things such as the prevalence of structural and unconscious bias within the entertainment industry.

Now, there were some silver linings in the report. Among these is that the results point to there being high optimism that gender equity will improve in the industry in the future. A large majority of the respondents indicated that they feel that there will be a movement towards greater equal representation in the industry in the next 10 years.

What do you think are currently the biggest gender equity challenges within the entertainment industry? What do you think would help most in improving gender equity in this field?

From unconscious bias to intentional gender discrimination, there is a range of unfair treatment women could potentially experience within the entertainment industry. When workers feel they are being treated unfairly in the workplace, promptly taking steps to stand up their rights can be important. Skilled employment law attorneys can help entertainment workers who have experienced discrimination or other unfair treatment understand and pursue their options for fighting against unfair treatment.

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