Protection for children involved in show biz

On-screen children are delightful in many roles. And although it might be fun to see the way children contribute to a show, there are specific laws that apply to their involvement in the entertainment industry.

Many parents are interested in getting their kids involved in show business but may not be aware of how things work. Before getting an agent, taking headshots and bringing a child to audition for roles, parents might want to gain a basic understanding of California’s child labor laws.

What comprises the entertainment industry?

These laws include a variety of ways an individual or organization might include a child under the age of 18. And before an industry employer can benefit from your child’s talent, they must receive permission from the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement to employ an artist or performer who is a minor.

Labor laws apply to a child’s involvement in:

  • Motion pictures
  • Documentaries
  • Television programs
  • Musical performances
  • Circuses
  • Rodeos
  • Modeling
  • Photography
  • Recording
  • Publicity

Do the same laws apply to social media?

Each state creates its own regulations related to child labor. And thus far, these laws generally do not govern the child influencers on social media, also known as “influencers.” Rather, parents may determine how they handle social media accounts for their kids.

How parents can protect their children

Most parents understand they can control the exposure their kids have across various social media channels. But when it comes to a child star on the big screen, protecting children might come through thorough knowledge of the laws related to their employment.

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