What to avoid when applying for a job

When you are applying for a position, it can be important to understand what types of conduct could endanger your chances of getting the job and steer clear of such conduct.

One thing that can be very damaging to efforts to get hired for a given position is lying during the application process. While any type of lie can cause problems, there are certain ones that could be particularly likely to scuttle an applicant’s chances.

This can be seen in a recent survey. The survey polled hundreds of professionals, including recruiters, hiring managers and HR professionals, on how seriously they viewed different types of lies by job applicants. Based on the results, the three types of lies that are viewed as being the most serious are those regarding:

  • Academic degrees
  • Criminal record
  • Licenses/certifications

So, it can be very important for job hunters to avoid lying on resumes, in applications, in interviews and in response to other questions by employers.

It is important to note though that there are limits on what employers are allowed to ask applicants. For example, here in California, there are restrictions on when employers can ask questions about a person's criminal record. Under state law, employers typically can only ask such questions after the making of a conditional job offer, not before.

Along with lying, there is a wide range of other things that could lead to a person being rejected for a job. However, there are limits to what employers can consider when deciding whether to hire or reject an applicant. For ones, employers generally cannot base such decisions on discriminatory reasons, such as race, sex, disability or age discrimination.

When individuals suspect that they were rejected for a job for a discriminatory or other illegal reason, they may want to promptly discuss their options with an employment lawyer.

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