Who is making a real effort to pay women as much as men?

Nationwide, women might typically agree that they should earn the same amount of money as their male coworkers. This is especially true while performing the same work. But despite the efforts to close the gender pay gap, many women still experience discrimination in their workplace.

However, some companies are banding together to create change. Through the recently-announced #EqualPayCA campaign, companies are raising awareness of the gender pay gap. They also agree to offer education for employers, employees and labor unions to establish pay equality.

First Partner makes moves toward gender equality

Rather than go by “First Lady” when her husband was sworn in as California’s governor, Jennifer Siebel Newsom chose to identify as the state’s “First Partner.” With her husband in office, the First Partner continues her quest toward achieving gender equality.

However, these efforts began long before her husband became governor. Siebel Newsom is a long-standing activist, often focusing her films on gender issues. But potentially thanks to her husband’s current platform, Siebel Newsom is better equipped to effect far-reaching change.

Companies commit to close the gender pay gap

Along with California’s First Partner, TIME’S UP, the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls and Labor Secretary, Julie A. Su, 13 companies signed the Equal Pay Pledge.

The companies involved, which include Square, Apple, Salesforce, Apple and Shutterfly Inc. committed to:

  • Promote best practices centered around equality for all employees
  • Reduce their unconscious barriers through reviewing hiring and promotional processes and procedures
  • Conduct companywide annual pay analysis

While state and federal laws prohibit gender discrimination, many women continue to earn less than men. But hopefully, these efforts will encourage lasting, positive change for women in the workplace.

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