Dedicated To Serving Clients In Need

My practice, Jose A. Gonzalez, Attorney at Law, has been located in the South San Francisco area for almost 10 years. When you work with me, you will be working with a lawyer who has always had a passion for representing clients in need. For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to the practice of law. I started my career as a criminal defense attorney and then transitioned to employment law, and sports and entertainment law about halfway into my practice.

A Lawyer Who Will Stand Up For You

When I shifted the focus of my practice, it was in response to the need for good employment attorneys when the 2008 recession hit. Too many people were losing their jobs unfairly. Helping employees in wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment cases made a positive impact on their lives, and I want to continue help make the workplace better for everyone. You deserve to be heard and respected by your employer and your colleagues.

One of the areas of practice that interests me the most is the complicated area of sports and entertainment law. As you can imagine, it is a big deal in California. When sports or entertainment professionals encounter issues such as protecting their image and likeness, contracts, securing copyrights and trademarks, and starting their own businesses, they need a good lawyer to look out for their interests and counsel them on what to expect each step of the way.

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A Lawyer Who Will Stand Up For You

I shifted my practice to focus primarily on employment law issues when I discovered how many employers were taking advantage of their workers. My goal is to make a positive impact on my clients' lives. By successfully resolving harassment, discrimination, and other employment law cases, I can help you recover the financial compensation and closure you are looking for from these difficult matters.

I'm Ready To Help With Your Legal Issues

If you want to discuss your employment, sports or entertainment law issue with an experienced attorney, I'm ready to sit down with you. Call my South San Francisco office