Employment Law FAQ

Do I Have A Claim Against My Employer?

If you have been the victim of discrimination, harassment or retaliation while at your job, then you may have a claim against your employer. Often employees do not understand the rights they have with regard to employment law. Meeting with a lawyer can help you understand your rights and also what action might be taken to remedy your situation.

I Want To Make A Claim Against My Employer. How Much Will It Cost?

Regardless of whether you have a claim for employment discrimination, harassment or retaliation, pursuing your employment law claim doesn't have to be expensive. There are two types of fees in employment law cases. The first is attorney fees and the second is litigation costs.

When I take employment cases, the attorney fees are usually on a contingency fee basis. That means that you pay me only if you recover. Litigation fees do need to be covered but if a client does not have the resources, then there is the possibility of defraying some of the costs by filing a request to waive fees with the appropriate court. I can help you work through these issues, and I work with clients fitting the litigation into their budget in creative ways.

How Is A Lawsuit Going To Affect My Life?

Clients often have concerns about the impact on employment law cases will have on their lives. This is a normal concern. When I meet with clients, I explain the process from the beginning through all possible scenarios. This way they have reassurance about the process and can determine if they want to continue. Sometimes just knowing that your lawyer will be with you along the way is enough to assure a client.

A simple phone call can help you decide what makes sense for you and your situation. My office is located in South San Francisco, but I take employment law cases from all over Northern California.