Severance Agreements

Unless you have an agreement in place, California employers do not have to provide severance pay to laid-off workers. If you are in the position where your employer is offering you a severance package, a dedicated lawyer can help you determine how best to proceed.

I am Jose A. Gonzalez, Attorney at Law, and I help workers throughout the Bay Area navigate the complexities of severance agreements. I offer close, one-on-one meetings with every one of my clients. I will help you review every clause and provision within the severance package to determine whether it is a fair offer. As part of my comprehensive employment law services, I will seek to negotiate a more favorable severance package that adequately compensates you.

Be Careful Of Signing A Release In Your Severance Package

If an employer wrongfully terminates you, they may offer a severance package to limit their legal liability. As part of the agreement, they may require you to sign a release from any claims against retaliation, wrongful termination or other claims of workplace violations.

Before you sign on the dotted line, you need to contact my South San Francisco office. I will analyze every detail of the severance agreement and discuss the pros and cons of signing a release. I offer clear communication and knowledgeable insights to help my clients make informed decisions that are in their best interests.

Don't Sign A Severance Agreement Without Speaking With An Attorney

Your severance agreement is too important to navigate without the help of an attorney. Speak with me during a free consultation. I also accept your inquiries through the contact form on my website.